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Propel ML


The PropelML landing page, today.


My friend Ryan had been working on a project for a few months in stealth mode when I asked to see how it was going. He presented his working demo that had little to no design applied: just a couple input fields and a link to a github repo. The math was way over my head but his enthusiasm got me excited too — I wanted in.

Unsolicited Design Proposal

My initial redesign

My initial design proposal for Propel. It’s still live here.

I took a weekend and whipped together a surprise unsolicited redesign. Luckily Ryan was into it and brought me on to be in charge of the front end.


The Notebook - a code sandbox tool that lets you run machine learning scripts in the browser, something hitherto impossible before Propel.

Since there’s no dedicated front-end developer I’m expected to code the designs I propose which has been a great “throw the kid into the deep end” experience - learning about project architecture, adapting to unfamiliar frameworks, becoming less of a git buffoon - so many lessons learned.

Code Snippet Collection

The Notebook Gallery

Update -

On April 19th we had to shudder our proverbial doors since Google released what was essentially a direct competitor. Big bummer but I can personally say I learned A LOT during my time with the project.

On to the next side project…


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