Roby Saavedra


Roby Saavedra is a product designer who lives in NYC.
He's currently building educational software at Flocabulary
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Flocabulary (2018 - Present)

UI / UX / Visual Design

I'm currently a product designer at Flocabulary - an ed tech company that uses hip hop to engage k-12 students.

Diligent (2016 - 2018)


I was a product designer at Diligent from 2016 to 2018. I designed and sometimes contributed code to software that facilitates board meetings.

Propel ML

UI / Branding

Was a regular design contributor to the open source machine learning framework, PropelML. I designed and implemented the landing page, API reference, and code sandbox UI.

Demylee Website and Rebrand

UI / Branding

Branding and Web work for the knitwear brand Demylee.

What Would Google Reader Look Like Today?


An exploration into an alternate reality in which Google Reader was never canned.

Soundz App

UI / Mobile Development

Design and development of a mobile app for study / concentration / relaxation / etc.



I like to draw and I draw a lot.

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