Propel ML



The PropelML landing page, today.


Only a few weeks prior to its planned initial rollout, Propel had a quickly thrown together landing page and UI.

Unsolicited Design Proposal

My initial redesign

My initial design proposal for Propel. It’s still live here.

I took a weekend and whipped together a surprise unsolicited redesign because everybody loves it when you imply that their website sucks. The bait was bitten and since then I’ve been the de facto design lead for the open source project.


The Notebook - a code sandbox tool that lets you run machine learning scripts in the browser, something hitherto impossible before Propel.

Since there’s no dedicated front-end developer I’m expected to code the designs I propose which has been a great “throw the kid into the deep end” experience - learning about project architecture, adapting to unfamiliar frameworks, becoming less of a git buffoon - so many lessons learned.

Code Snippet Collection

The Notebook Gallery